Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pure Ice Wild Thing - Nail Art

Last night I went on a small shopping spree.  I picked up quite a few polishes (watch for more posts...yay!!) but the one polish that caught my attention was Pure Ice Wild Thing.   

Man is this sucker green!!!  When I purchased the bottle, I thought it may not be my shade but… once I had it on I must admit it, it may be my new favorite summer shade!    Honestly, the pictures really do not do this color justice.

The color itself screams “fun” but add a few dots and lines and it screams “party’s over here” :)

Products used:
Pure Ice : Wild Thing
Pure Ice: Superstar
Kiss Nail Art Paint: White
Seche Vite: Base & Top Coat

So what do you think of this shade? What’s your favorite color this summer?



  1. Very cute nails. Can't say that I have one favorite color. Right now I'm loving everything bright.

    1. Thank you! I couldn't agree more...just when I start to love one color I fall in love with's hopeless! ;D


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