Monday, July 16, 2012

MSMD - What A Drag!

Hello loves!

Today’s Monkey See Monkey Do (MSMD) is inspired by none other than Dollface22772 but you may know her as Dolly from Dollish Polish!  I absolutely love her youtube tutorials!  This design is from her Prom Series and you can watch this particular design here.

I changed the color scheme just a little.  Instead of black and white, I chose Black and Grey.  I should have stuck to the original, ugh!!  It’s kind of like when you watch the sequel to a really good movie and afterwards you say “the first one was better”, yep this is one of those instances :) LOL!

Although I won’t call this a fail, it is not what I was expecting.  The silver glitter turned out way too thick, leaving my nails looking stumpy.  I did however love Sinful Colors Slate.  What a dream polish this is!  It’s a shimmery grey that goes on nice and smooth.  I also loved the needle (marbling) dragging technique :)  It is a technique that requires some practice. The key is to have thick layers of polish, not to allow the polish to dry, and to drag the needle as though you’re dragging a feather across the polish. Not too deep and too much pressure.  After a couple of times, it will become a breeze to master :)

Creative Assistants:
Sinful Colors – Slate
Orly – Liquid Vinyl
Kiss Nail Art Paint – Silver
Black Rhinestone

Have you tried needle dragging?  What was your first impression of the technique?

Until next time! Happy Creating!


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  1. Very unique. Makes me think of a black tie affair.


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