Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Challenge - Pedicure

Hey there!

 Today's challenge is a Pedicure.  Woo hoo!!!  I so desperately needed a pedicure.  I've been playing with my fingernails so much that I had totally neglected the toes. But now they're pretty again, or as pretty as feet can be :D. I won't bore you too much, but let's go over my at-home pedicure steps...

1. Remove polish
2. Clip or file nails to desired length. If you file, file straight across rounding them at the corners.
3. Soak Feet (10-20 mins) - I use Pedi Gena Pedi Soak and some Epsom Salt
4. Dry foot thoroughly making sure to dry between the toes.
5. Add cuticle remover and push back cuticles.
6. Use foot file on the ball and heel of foot.  I also use Pedi Geni Pedi Scrub to assist with the removal of dry skin. Do NOT try to remove any calluses completely.  Believe it or not calluses protect our feet. Removing them completely will lead to blisters, irritation and infection.
7. Repeat on other foot :)
8. Use a nail brush to scrub toes and to remove any addition cuticle debris.
9. Apply cuticle oil and lotion.  Massage feet. I use Jergens Ultra Healing lotion.
10. Remove traces of lotion. Use a small cotton ball dipped in polish remover to achieve this.
11. Apply Polish!!!

Whew that was a lot of work huh?  It's worth it though and your piggies will thank you :)

Creative assistants include:
Seche Vite - Base Coat
Sinful Colors - Dream On
Seche Vite - Top Coat

How often do you go get a pedicure or give yourself one?

Until next time!  Happy creating!

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  1. very cute....I don not have toes that are pic pretty :(

    1. Thank you! Neither do I, I worked very hard to make them camera ready :D

  2. I love dream on by sinful colors :) your desing is cute too! <3


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