Wednesday, August 22, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 21 Inspired By Color

Hi Loves!!!

Hope you had a great Wednesday!!  I'm so excited. One the week is half way done and second so is this challenge!  when I started this challenge I thought "oooh that would be fun" and it has been but it has also been one heck of a challenge.  I've learned new techniques so I like and some not so much. But hey, that's what it's all about right?

Today's theme is Inspired By Color.  I love this because who isn't inspired by color?  The color that inspires me it purple!  If you didn't know already, purple is my favorite color and I have his royal purpleness (and an aunt) to thank :D When I watched Purple Rain for the first time I instantly feel in love with Prince and the color purple.  I think until that time I mostly liked pink (which girl doesn't). Anyways, purple has been my color and it's a sign of royalty which is great because as you all know I'm the Queen B! :D LOL!

For this design I wanted something a little different that was a little funky but I didn't have enough time to sit down and hand paint this design, so I used BM-316 and several variations of purple.

I started with a base of Pure Ice New Lilac.  Once dry I started with the smaller side of the image and stamped using Sinful Colors Let's Talk. Then I used the bigger side of the image and stamped using Sinful Colors Fig.  To top it off and to add a little sparkle (i love sparkle) I used Sinful Colors Frenzy.

I love how this design turned out and it's a little funky...just like me :D

What color inspires you?

Until next time! Keep being inspired!

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