Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Playing catch-up! Pic Heavy

Hello loves!!!

Today is catch-up day!  I'm going to try and stay the course after today.  It's been crazy hectic around here as most of you know.  I'm happy to report that my lil guy had a terrific first day at Kindergarten which makes my heart happy.  He's been home with me for soooo long that I was worried about him. But I should have known better...he's my kids after all :D lol

Anyways today's post is going to be pic heavy with a few words added in :) Enjoy!!!

31 Day Challenge: Day 6-Violet

 Creative Assistants: 
Sinful Colors Lavender
Pure Ice New Lilac
NYC Matte Me Crazy
Loved this design. SC Lavender is such a pretty purple (lavender).

31 Day Challenge: Day 7-Black and White

 Creative Assistants:  
Orly Dayglow
Orly Liquid Vinyl
Wet N Wild Ebony Hates Chris
Flirt Nail Art Stamping Polish White
Konad M60
Loved this design too except for the smearing.  It never fails when I use a very detailed image plate, I always have smearing :(

Back to School (in honor of my lil guy)!

 Creative Assistants: 
Writing Paper-
Orly Dayglow
LA Colors Blue
China Glaze Salsa 
Nubar Nail Art Pen
Avon Sunshine
LA Colors Orange
LA Colors Gold
LA Colors Silver
Wet N Wild Tickled Pink
Sinful Colors Envy
Kiss Nail Art Paint White
NYC Matte Me Crazy
Sinful Colors Slate
Avon Sunshine
China Glaze Salsa
Kiss Nail Art Paint White

Inspiration for the Back to School design came from The Daily Nail and Adventure in Acetone Both ladies created some truly great art and I'm glad they did too :D

Whew! I'm tired :D But it was a lot of fun to create all of these! Which one is your fave?

Until next time!! Have a wonderful day!

If you get a chance, run over and see what the other days ladies posted on day 6 and 7 :)


  1. That pencil is so perfect - and I love the matte look of the chalkboard - great details!

  2. I was just going to do ONE of those designs for back to school. You've got me beat!

  3. Your manicures are always so cute and fun, loved them all!

  4. they all are so cute, love the black n white!

  5. Hi loving your designs!
    Just letting you know I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. Visit my blog to see the rules!:
    Frenchie's Fairyland,
    Frenchie X :)

  6. Hi! I tagged you with the Liebster blog award. Please follow this link to my blogpost and answer the questions and keep this tag going :D


  7. These are so nice, esp the back to school one! Also, I have also tagged you with the Liebster award...:) Looks like you're on a roll right now!!! http://lacquerorleaveher.blogspot.com/2012/08/saluting-amazing-community-of-nail.html


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