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Let me take a moment to introduce myself…my name is Courtney.  I’m a wife and a mother to 3 wonderful kids (18, 17 & 7). I’m a licensed nail technician in the hot state of Arizona.   After going to beauty school, I found my love and passion for anything that has to do with nails. Not just the fingers but the toes too (they get neglected).  I don’t have a polish addiction, however I’m more than happy to obtain one :) LOL!  What I do have is knowledge.  I’m not an expert by any means, but what I do know and what I hope to learn, I want to share with the world.  Ambitious right?  

On this blog, you will find mostly nail art.  If your looking for polish swatches, I suggest you visit the Manicured Monkey.  Kristen does a fantastic job with polish swatches. 

So stick around and join me on my adventurous journey through nail polishes, nail art, stamping and blogging.

I love to hear all you have to say…suggestions, post ideas, comments (good & bad), pretty much anything you can think of let me know. You can use the handy dandy comment section below or email me anytime at cuteiclechronicles {at} gmail {dot} com.

See you soon!

***Disclaimer: while I am a licensed nail technician, I am in no way a professional artist.  I understand that there are more talented people out there.  I'm here to learn and have fun.***

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